From Despair to Joy

The Son of God came into the world in an unlikely way and used ordinary people to deliver an extraordinary message that transforms despair into joy. In part 1 of Christmas 2020: Eternal Light In Today’s Dark Times, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-21.

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Study Notes


This has been a tough year full of many changes, but the joy, courage and light available to followers of Jesus in dark times has not changed.  As we once again celebrate the coming of our Savior into the world, let us determine to give Him the gift of our worship as we thankfully receive His priceless gifts of forgiveness, eternal life and hope.  Through Jesus our Immanuel, despair can be transformed into joy, fear can give way to faith, darkness can be overcome by the light and selfishness can be conquered by selflessness. 

Some Context First…

Understanding the Text

  • A Troubling Greeting (1:26-29)
  • A Miraculous Arrival (1:30-37)
  • A Faithful Response (1:38)
  • An Imperial Decree (2:1-3)
  • A Fulfilled Prophecy (2:4-5)
  • A Humble Arrival (2:6-7)
  • A Stunning Announcement (2:8-14)
  • An Eager Investigation (2:15-16)
  • A Joyful Testimony (2:17-21)

From Despair to Joy Then

From Despair to Joy Now

Despair, Joy and YOU

Applying the Text

  • Have you believed the good news of great joy?
  • Do you need to “re-believe” the good news of great joy?
  • Proclaim the good news of great joy!