An Approved Worker – Right Living

The pursuit of holiness – right living – makes the follower of Jesus useful for His service, ready for every good work. In part 6 of Faithfulness in Hardship, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 2 Timothy 2:20-26.

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Study Notes

The Visible Church and the Invisible Church

Some Context First…

An Approved Worker…

  • separates from what is dishonorable (2:20-21a)
  • will be made holy, useful to God, ready for every good work (2:21b)
  • flees youthful passions (2:22a)
  • pursues righteousness, faith, love and peace (2: 22b)
  • avoids foolish controversies (2:23)
  • must not be quarrelsome (2:24a)
  • must be kind, able to teach and patient (2:24b)
  • corrects opponents with gentleness (2:25-26)

Spiritually maturing persons…

  • pursue holiness
  • avoid foolish controversies
  • gently correct opponents

Applying the Text

  • Do you want to be an approved worker?
  • Are you standing firm in right doctrine?
  • Are you pursuing right living?