He is Risen! The Resurrection Mosaic

Because Jesus has risen from the grave, those who believe in Him have eternal hope. In part 3 of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 28:1-15, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-11, and John 20:1-18.

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Study Notes

Context for Our Text

The Resurrection Mosaic: Sunday Morning

  1. The women purchase spices Saturday evening.
  2. An angel moves the stone early Sunday morning. The guards are terrified and eventually flee.
  3. Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb early Sunday morning and sees the stone has been moved. She runs to tell Peter and John.
  4. The other women come to the tomb later at sunrise and encounter two angels in the empty tomb who tell them Jesus is risen as He said. The angels instruct the women to go tell the disciples.
  5. Having heard from Mary Magdalene, Peter and John run to the tomb. John believes.
  6. Mary Magdalene returns to the tomb and is the first to see the risen Jesus.
  7. Jesus appears to the other women as they are going to tell the disciples. Mary Magdalene joins them as they are telling the disciples.
  8. The guards report what they have seen to the chief priests. The priests bribe them and promise to cover for them with Pilate.

The Resurrection Mosaic: Sunday Morning

  • The Empty Tomb
  • Peter and John See the Empty Tomb
  • Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
  • Jesus Appears to the Other Women
  • The Soldiers Report

Our Eternal Hope in Christ

  • Eternal Life
  • Perfect Righteousness
  • Resurrected Body
  • Heavenly Reward
  • New Heaven and Earth

Applying the Text

  • Believe
  • Proclaim
  • Rejoice!