Cleansing and Lifting Up

Jesus cleansed His temple of spiritual hypocrisy, fruitlessness, and corruption, but also offered Himself up on the cross in order that He might cleanse a people for Himself from all the peoples of the world. In part 3 of The Passion Week, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 21:12-13, 18-19a, Mark 11:12-18, Luke 19:45-46, and John 12:20-36.

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Study Notes

Context for Our Text

Understanding the Text

  • Hunger
  • Fruitlessness
  • Corruption
  • Cleansing
  • Fearful Rejection
  • Curious Interest
  • From Death Comes Life
  • Life for All Peoples
  • Believe in the Light


Temple Relocation

Temple Cleansing

Applying the Text

  • Believe in the Light
  • Walk in the Light
  • Proclaim the Light