Now and Not Yet

The kingdom of heaven is now as people are healed and made right with God, and it is not yet as we await the day when Jesus will return as the Rewarder and Judge of all people. In part 41 of The King’s Third Year of Earthly Ministry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52, and Luke 18:35-19:28.

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Study Notes

Context for Our Text

The Kingdom is Now

  • Physical eyes are opened
  • Spiritual eyes are opened
  • Zacchaeus seeks to see Jesus
  • Jesus sees Zacchaeus
  • Repentance and salvation
  • The seeking Savior

The Kingdom is Now and Not Yet

  • Kingdom delay
  • Faithful servants
  • A wicked servant
  • Reward and judgment

The Kingdom is Not Yet

Applying the Text

  • Has salvation come to your house?
  • Are you a faithful servant?
  • Are you living with hope?