Jesus the Lawkeeper

Jesus is the Lawkeeper who perfectly fulfilled the Law of God and who gives those who believe in Him the gift of perfect righteousness. In part 1 of Easter 2023: Jesus the Lawkeeper, Lamb and Lion, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 5:17-20 and Romans 5:12-21.

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Study Notes

The Gospel

The Gospel

Paradise Given by God
Paradise Given Up by Man
Paradise Given Back by God

The Gospel

Jesus is the Lawkeeper
Jesus is the Lamb of God
Jesus is the Lion of Judah

Context for Our Text

Understanding the Text

  • The fulfillment of the Law (v. 17)
  • The magnitude of the Law (vv. 18-19)
  • The shocking demand of the Law (v. 20)

 The First Adam

  • disobeyed the Law
  • brought sin, death and condemnation
  • made the many sinners

The Second Adam

  • obeyed the Law
  • brought justification and life
  • made the many righteous

Jesus the Lawkeeper

Applying the Text

  • Stop striving – Rest in Christ’s perfection
  • Obey out of love and gratitude for Christ