Upside Down Greatness

If you want to be great in the kingdom of heaven, you must be a humble servant. In part 11 of The King’s Third Year of Earthly Ministry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 17:22-18:5, Mark 9:30-37, and Luke 9:43b-48.

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Study Notes

The Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation

On the authority of Scripture alone, we declare that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for God’s glory alone.

Context for Our Text

Do you want to have great faith?

Do you want to be great in the kingdom of heaven?

Understanding the Text

  • Submission to God’s painful, good purpose
  • Submission to God-ordained authority
  • Submission to one another


Upside Down Greatness

Applying the Text

  • Submit to God’s purposes
  • Submit to God-ordained authority
  • Submit to one another and serve one another