Calming the Storms

Jesus, the Son of God and Prince of Peace, can calm the storms of our lives both without and within. In part 15 of The King’s Second Year of Earthly Ministry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 8:18, 23-24; 13:53, Mark 4:35-41; 5:1-20, and Luke 8:22-39.

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Study Notes

Context for Our Text

Understanding the Text

  • Fatigue
  • Fear of the Storm
  • Command and Calm
  • Faith Failure
  • Fear of God
  • Demonized Men
  • A Broken Man
  • Fearful Demons
  • Expulsion and Curiosity
  • A Healed Man
  • Fearful People
  • Simple Evangelism

Jesus, the Son of God

  • Sovereign Creator
  • Sovereign Judge

Jesus, the Prince of Peace

  • Peace with God
  • Peace of God

Applying the Text

  • Do you need Jesus to speak a word of peace into your life?