The New is Better

The new ways of Christ are superior to the old ways of religion. In part 6 of The King’s First Year of Earthly Ministry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 9, Mark 2, and Luke 5.

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Study Notes

Law and Grace

Context for Our Text

Understanding the Text

  • An Unlikely Disciple
  • More Unlikely Disciples
  • The Complaint of the Self-Righteous
  • The Rebuke of the Self-Righteous
  • A Question about Fasting
  • Fasting in the Proper Time
  • Old and New

The Superiority of Christ and the New Covenant

The Law: Three Functions, Three Responses, Three Outcomes

Three Functions of the Law of God

  1. Reveals God’s Righteousness
  2. Reveals Man’s Unrighteousness
  3. Reveals Man’s Need for a Savior

Three Responses to the Law of God

  • Legalism: External conformity devoid of mercy and grace
  • License: Inward rebellion devoid of love
  • Liberty: Inward and outward obedience motivated by gratitude and love for God

Three Outcomes

  • Legalism leads to bondage to the Law.
  • License leads to bondage to sin.
  • Liberty leads to freedom, peace and joy in the Lord.

Applying the Text

  • What’s your response to the Law of God?

Legalism?  License?  Liberty?