From Religious Ritual to Regenerated Relationship

Jesus came to deliver us from the spiritual death of merely external religious ritual and instead give us new life and new hearts as children of God. In part 1 of The King’s First Year of Earthly Ministry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from John 2:13-25 and John 3:1-21.

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Study Notes

Religion vs. Relationship

Context for Our Text

Jesus revealed His…

  • zeal for holiness (2:13-17)
  • power of resurrection (2:18-22)
  • full knowledge of hearts (2:23-25)


You must be born again

  • the necessity of regeneration and new birth (3:1-8)
  • the necessity of the crucifixion (3:9-15)
  • the love of God in the gospel (3:16-21)

Applying the Text

  • Who, or what, are you trusting in for forgiveness of sin and eternal life?
  • Have you been born again?
  • Are you persevering in faith in Christ?