The Baptizer and the Baptism

Repentance prepares us to receive the ministry of Christ into our lives. In part 3 of Unique: The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Mark 1, Matthew 3, and Luke 3.

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Study Notes

The Baptizer

  • was prophesied of by Isaiah
  • prepared the way for Messiah
  • came in the spirit and power of Elijah
  • proclaimed a baptism of repentance
  • created a great stir among the people
  • humbled himself before the Messiah
  • proclaimed the eternality of Messiah
  • warned people to bear fruit in keeping with repentance
  • proclaimed the Messiah would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire
  • was imprisoned by Herod

The Baptism of Jesus: Luke 3:21-22; Mark 1:9-11; John 1:29-34; Matthew 3:13-17

The Baptism

  • was administered by a reluctant John
  • was to fulfill all righteousness
  • beautifully pictures the Trinity

The Baptism of John…

The Baptism into Jesus…

The Baptism of John… The Baptism into Jesus… and YOU

Applying the Text

  • Repent
  • Believe
  • Keep on repenting and believing