Jesus’ Human Ancestry and the Announcement of Good News

Jesus is our Messiah King and Kinsman Redeemer whose birth is good news of great joy for all people everywhere! In part 1 of The Introduction of the King, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 1, Luke 3, and Luke 1.

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Study Notes

Jesus Christ: The God-Man

Previously in Our Series…

Matthew’s genealogy establishes Jesus as…

  • the son of David
  • the son of Abraham
  • heir to the throne of David through His legal father, Joseph
  • the Messiah King

Luke’s genealogy establishes Jesus as …

  • as the son of Man through the line of his biological mother, Mary
  • the Kinsman Redeemer


  • is the son of Mary
  • is salvation
  • is the Son of the Most High
  • inherited the throne of David
  • will reign forever
  • is the holy Son of God born of a virgin

Applying the Text

  • Is Jesus YOUR Redeemer?
  • Is Jesus YOUR King?
  • Is Jesus worthy of YOUR all?