The Preincarnate Servant and LORD

Long before He took on human flesh, the eternal Son of God served God’s people in numerous ways. In part 2 of Prologue, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 18, Genesis 22, Exodus 3, Daniel 3, and Zechariah 3.

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Study Notes

The Eternal Son of God and His Preincarnate Ministry


An Angel of the LORD

THE Angel of the LORD

Theophany… Christophany

The Preincarnate Son of God

  • The Miracle-Working, Covenant-Keeping LORD
  • The Merciful, Righteous Judge LORD
  • The Providing, Blessing LORD
  • The Delivering, I AM LORD
  • The Freeing, Protecting Mysterious Man
  • The Satan-Rebuking, Forgiving, Justifying, Commissioning LORD

Jesus is worthy of your all…

  • Faithful
  • Powerful
  • Merciful
  • Righteous
  • Forgiving
  • Justifying