Young Earth Creationism and Old Earth Creationism

Young Earth Creationism holds that God created the universe in six, literal approximately 24 hour days thousands of years ago while Old Earth Creationism holds that God created the universe over varying long periods of time billions of years ago. In part 2 of Genesis and Science, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 1:1-2:3.

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Study Notes


Part 1: Essential Prologue

Part 2: Young Earth Creationism and Old Earth Creationism

Part 3: Evolutionary Creation and Intelligent Design

Part 4: The Evidence for a Creator

Part 5: The Culture and the Creator

Young Earth Creationism:  Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

Young Earth Creationism

  • Biblical Evidence for Young Earth Creation
  • The Creation Days Were Literal
  • The Genesis Genealogies are Strict Chronologies
  • No Death Before the Fall
  • Noah’s Flood Radically Rearranged the Earth
  • The Views of Jesus, the Apostles and Isaiah
  • Scientific Evidence Confirming Genesis
  • Historical Roots of the Idea of Millions of Years and Evolution
  • Geological Evidence for Global Flood and Young Earth
  • Created Kinds, Not Microbe to Microbiologist Evolution
  • Why Genesis Matters
  • Conclusion

Old Earth Creationism:  Hugh Ross, Reasons to Believe

Old Earth Creationism

  • Day-Age Creationism
  • Biblical Support for Day-Age Model
  • Creation Acts Chronology
  • Answer to Fossil Record Enigma
  • Noah’s Flood
  • Perspective on Death
  • Nephesh Uniqueness
  • Human Exceptionalism
  • Engaged Creator
  • Mass Extinction and Mass Speciation Events
  • God’s Redemptive Purpose
  • Challenges