Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Sin is like a crouching beast that desires to tear you apart, but Christ has overcome sin, and through union with Christ, you too can overcome. In part 4 of GENESIS: Beginnings, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 4:1-26.

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Study Notes

Some Context First…

The Elephant in the Room…

Understanding the Text

  • Two Brothers, Two Offerings, Two Hearts (4:1-5)
  • Divine Warning (4:6-7)
  • The First Murder (4:8-16)
  • Two Lines of People (4:23-26)

God’s Warning to Cain… and Us

Three Enemies of the Believer

  • The World
  • The Flesh
  • The Devil

Jesus delivers from the…

  • penalty of sin
  • power of sin
  • presence of sin

Through faith in Jesus, you…

  • have been delivered from the penalty of sin
  • are being delivered from the power of sin
  • will be delivered from the presence of sin

Biblical Hope

  • Eternal Life
  • Perfect Righteousness
  • Resurrected Body
  • Heavenly Reward
  • New Earth

Through union with Christ…

  • Have you overcome the penalty of sin?
  • Are you overcoming the power of sin?
  • Are you living with the hope of overcoming the presence of sin?