In the Beginning

In the beginning, God made all things for His glory and created human beings in His image in order that you might be in an everlasting relationship of blessedness and joy with Him. In part 1 of GENESIS: Beginnings, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 1:1-2:3.

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Study Notes

Biblical Hope

  • Eternal Life
  • Perfect Righteousness
  • Resurrected Body
  • Heavenly Reward
  • New Earth

The New Preaching Plan

  • Old Testament Foundations
  • Christian Living Topical Study
  • New Testament Hope
  • Essential Doctrines
  • Tough Questions
  • Easter/Christmas/Guest Speakers


Genesis is a book of beginnings.  It references the beginning of all created things: space, time, matter, energy, stars, planets, moons.  We see the beginning of the earth: water, air, land, plant life, animal life and the origin of human beings in God’s image.  Sadly, this book of beginnings also documents the beginning of sin, humanity’s rebellion against the Creator.  But God was not surprised by the fall into sin, and Genesis also documents the beginning of redemption, the hope that one day God would bless all the peoples of the earth through a Messiah who would come through a chosen race.

A Brief Introduction to Genesis

Bereshith: “In the beginning”

Genesis: “Origin”

Author: Moses

Date: About 1400 BC

A Very Brief Outline of Genesis


Genesis and Science… Interpretive Questions

Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

  • Light, Water, Land, Plant and Animal Life (1:1-25)
  • Man in God’s Image (1:26-31)
  • Completion and Rest (2:1-3)


Romans 11:36                           English Standard Version

36 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

Applying the Text

  • Do you know the meaning of life?
  • Do you know your Creator?
  • Do you honor your Creator?