A Home, Work, Relationship

God created human beings with fundamental drives and needs including a home, meaningful work and intimate relationships, chief among them biblical marriage. In part 2 of GENESIS: Beginnings, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 2:4-25.

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Study Notes

Biblical Hope

  • Eternal Life
  • Perfect Righteousness
  • Resurrected Body
  • Heavenly Reward
  • New Earth

 Understanding the Text

  • Man’s Body and the Breath of Life (2:4-7)
  • A Home for the Man (2:8-9a)
  • The Tree of Life (2:9b)
  • The Tree of Moral Knowledge (2:9c)
  • Meaningful Work (2:15)
  • A Test of Obedience (2:16-17a)
  • A Warning about Death (2:17b)
  • Alone in Paradise (2:18-20)
  • The Creation of a Suitable Helper (2:21-23)
  • The Beginning of Marriage (2:24-25)

We Have Been Created with Needs

  • A Home
  • Meaningful Work
  • Relationship

Applying the Text

  • Where do you look for the fulfilment of your needs?