Love, Truth, Hope and the Right Side of History

The spirit of the age demands conformity with its temporal, human-centered philosophy, but the Spirit of God urgently calls people to embrace eternal, God-centered truth and graciously offers the gift of eternal life while warning of eternal judgment. In part 9 of Deciphering the Cultural Zeitgeist, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Titus 3:1-7, 1 Peter 3:13-17, Romans 8:18-25, and Revelation 21:1-8.

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Study Notes

The Right Side of History

The Spirit of the Age…

  • demands conformity
  • is temporal
  • is a human-centered philosophy

How Should Followers of Jesus Respond to the Zeitgeist?

Followers of Jesus…

  • submit to rulers and authorities
  • are ready for every good work
  • speak evil of no one
  • avoid quarreling
  • are gentle and courteous toward all people
  • were once foolish and disobedient
  • were saved by God’s mercy
  • are heirs of eternal life
  • are zealous for good
  • will be blessed if suffering for righteousness’ sake
  • must not fear
  • honor Christ the Lord as holy
  • are prepared to make a defense
  • demonstrate gentleness and respect
  • maintain a good conscience
  • demonstrate good behavior
  • maintain eternal perspective
  • will inherit a glorious life and freedom
  • groan inwardly along with the creation
  • wait patiently in hope
  • will inherit a new heaven and a new earth
  • will dwell forever with God
  • will see the end of tears, death, mourning, crying and pain
  • will see all things made new
  • serve a sovereign, eternal, trustworthy God
  • will be children of God forever
  • warn of eternal judgment

The Spirit of God…

  • urgently calls people to embrace eternal, God-centered truth
  • graciously offers the gift of eternal life
  • warns of eternal judgment

 Sons of Thunder

Applying the Text

  • Are you a son of thunder or a child of light and love?