The spirit of the age says gender is a social construct that is fluid, multitudinous and based on the potentially shifting feelings of a person, but the Spirit of God says that God created human beings as male and female and that though social conventions and cultural expectations may vary, our fundamental identities as either male or female are biologically based and unchanging. In part 6 of Deciphering the Cultural Zeitgeist, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 1:26-31.

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Study Notes

A Crisis of Feelings

Some Context First…

Understanding the Text

  • Creation in God’s Image (1:26-27)
  • Creation as Male and Female (1:27)
  • Divine Blessing and Delegated Dominion (1:28-31)

The Spirit of the Age Says Gender…

  • is a social construct
  • is fluid
  • is multitudinous
  • is based on shifting, subjective feelings

The Spirit of God Says Gender…

  • was created by God and is male and female
  • is a reflection of the image of God
  • is biologically based
  • is unchanging


Sex…Gender…Intersex Variation…Social Conventions and Cultural Expectations

Gender Dysphoria, Biblical Compassion and the Hope of Eternal Redemption

Applying the Text

  • Do you believe God is your all wise Creator?
  • Do you believe God has revealed Himself in Scripture and that what He says is true and best for your temporal flourishing and everlasting blessedness?
  • Do you find your identity in Christ and trust Him to redeem you completely and make all things new?