The Need for Healthy Change

A church that fails to make God-honoring, healthy changes is a dying church. In part 1 of Who Stole My Church? Embracing Healthy Change in the Church, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Joshua 1:1-9.

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Study Notes

Life is a process of constant change.  Some changes are good and healthy, but others are not.  Does the church ever need to change?  If so, what should change and what should not?  How should the church navigate through the change process?  Change is not always easy, but, a church that fails to make healthy changes is a dying church.  A healthy church holds on to the things that do not change – the doctrine, mission, ministries and Lord of the church – while accepting and embracing the things that do change – people, preferences and methods.  The healthy church can stand firm in a rapidly changing world by celebrating God’s faithfulness in the past and entrusting the future to Him.

Part 1: The Need for Healthy Change

Part 2: The Things That Don’t Change

Part 3: The Things That Do Change

Part 4: Celebrating God’s Past, Present and Future Faithfulness


Some Context First…

Understanding the Text

  • A New Leader (1:1-2a)
  • The Next Step (1:2b)
  • Reaffirmed Promises (1:3-5)
  • Challenging Commands (1:6-9)

The Need for Healthy Change

WLBC By the Numbers

Greatest Generation (93+): 1%

Silent Generation (75-92): 9%

Baby Boomers (56-74): 50%

Generation X (40-55): 10%

Millennials (24-39): 6%

Post-Millennials (0-23): 24%

Above 40: 70%

Below 40: 30%

The Process of Healthy Change