Why You Need a Savior

The consequences for sin – your moral rebellion against God – is your death, but the free gift of God is your eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. In part 1 of Christmas 2019: Celebrate Your Savior, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Romans 5:12-21 and Romans 6:15-23.

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Study Notes

Christmas is a celebration of good news of great joy for all the people.  “All the people” includes YOU.  God the Son, Jesus Christ, stepped into space and time and made Himself human in order that He might save you from your greatest enemies: sin and death.   The Christmas season is a time to solemnly reflect on your need for a Savior.   It is a time to celebrate His first coming at Bethlehem and receive His gifts.  It is a time to worship Him and prepare for His second coming.

The Bad News

  1. Sin is moral rebellion against the law of God.
  2. The judgment for sin is death.
  3. You have sinned.
  4. Therefore, you will die.

Death in the Bible: Physical Death… Spiritual Death

Some Context First…

Understanding the Text

The Legacy of the First Adam (5:12-14)

The Legacy of the Second Adam-Christ (5:15-21)

Two Legacies

Adam: Sin… Bondage… Condemnation… Eternal Death

Christ: Justification… Freedom… Sanctification… Eternal Life

Understanding the Text

Slaves of Sin or of Righteousness (6:15-23)

Two Lives

Slaves of Sin: Lawlessness… Shame… Death

Slaves of Righteousness: Freedom… Sanctification… Eternal Life

Applying the Text

  • Have you admitted your need for a Savior?
  • Have you turned away from sin?
  • Have you trusted in Christ to save you and give you eternal life?