Receive the Gift of Your Savior

God the Son stepped into space and time and made Himself human so that you might receive the gift of eternal life and blessing upon blessing forever. In part 4 of Christmas 2019: Celebrate Your Savior, Pastor Dan Cox reads from John 1:1-18.

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Study Notes


  • is the eternal Word who was with God and is God (1:1-2)
  • is the creator of all that has been made (1:3)
  • is life and light (1:4-9)
  • was rejected by many (1:10-11)
  • gives those who receive Him the right to become children of God (1:12-13)
  • became human and dwelt among us (1:14a)
  • gives us grace upon grace (1:14b-17)
  • has revealed God the Father (1:18)

The Gift of the Savior

The Gifts of the Savior

Applying the Text

  • Receive the gift of the Savior
  • Receive the gifts of the Savior
  • Rejoice in the Savior!