Preach the Word

Followers of Jesus are called to be ready at all times to proclaim and patiently teach God’s truth in whatever ministry context God has given. In part 9 of Faithfulness in Hardship, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 2 Timothy 4:1-5.

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Study Notes

Some Context First…

Paul’s Message to a Young Pastor

  • Jesus will judge all people (4:1)
  • Preach the Word always (4:2a)
  • Patiently correct, rebuke and encourage with good teaching (4:2b)
  • People will seek out teachers who tell them what they want to hear (4:3)
  • People will reject the truth and chase after myths (4:4)
  • But you must remain level-headed (4:5a)
  • Endure suffering, proclaim the gospel and carry out your ministry (4:5b)

The Message for all Followers of Jesus

  • Remember that Jesus will judge all people
  • Proclaim God’s truth whether it’s well-received or not
  • Correct and encourage one another
  • Don’t chase after popular preachers and fads that tell you only what you want to hear
  • Remain well-grounded in solid, biblical doctrine
  • Endure suffering for Christ
  • Proclaim the gospel in word and deed
  • Be faithful in the place of service God has given you

Spiritually maturing persons…

  • always proclaim God’s truth no matter the reception
  • correct and encourage other believers
  • stay grounded in solid doctrine
  • endure suffering for Christ
  • share the gospel
  • fulfill their ministry

Applying the Text

  • Preach the Word!
  • Stay Grounded!
  • Don’t Quit!