An Approved Worker- Right Doctrine

The faithful follower of Jesus must avoid useless, corrupting arguments and instead endeavor to stand firm in right doctrine, rightly handling the word of truth. In part 5 of Faithfulness in Hardship, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 2 Timothy 2:14-19.

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Study Notes

An Approved Worker…

  • reminds God’s people of right doctrine (2:14a)
  • warns God’s people away from ruinous false doctrine (2:14b)
  • works hard to rightly handle the Word of God (2:15)
  • avoids ungodly, contagious false doctrine (2:16-18)
  • rests in God’s sovereignty and departs from evil (2:19)


Spiritually maturing persons…

  • steer clear of ruinous false doctrines
  • stand firm in right doctrine
  • work hard to rightly handle Scripture

Applying the Text

  • Do you know right doctrine?
  • Do you steer clear of false doctrine?
  • Do you know how to rightly interpret and apply Scripture?