The Word of ife

Followers of Jesus can have fullness of joy as they walk in fellowship with God and one another. In part 1 of Walking In Light And Love, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 1 John 1:1-4.

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Study Notes


The apostle John’s first epistle presents a challenge to the church to carefully examine our lives through a series of tests of genuine faith.  The genuine believer’s faith will be seen in a life of faith, love and obedience.  The follower of Jesus who walks in light and love can have joyful fellowship with God and other believers, assurance of eternal life, confidence in prayer and the hope of final victory over all darkness.

A Brief Introduction to 1 John

Author: John the apostle

Date: About AD 90

Recipients: Followers of Jesus

Purpose: To encourage believers to persevere in genuine faith and joy, and warn against destructive beliefs, attitudes and behaviors being promoted by false teachers.

Some Context First…

The Word of Life

  • was from the beginning (1:1a)
  • was heard, seen and touched (1:1b)
  • was made manifest (1:2a)
  • is eternal life (1:2b)
  • has fellowship with the Father and with believers (1:3)
  • brings fullness of joy (1:4)

Applying the Text

  • Have you heard and believed the proclamation of the Word of Life?
  • Are you growing in “family” fellowship with the Father, the Son and your brothers and sisters?
  • Is your joy complete?