The Triumph of the King

Through His sacrificial death and resurrection, King Jesus triumphed over sin and death and has commissioned His followers to make disciples of all nations. In part 3 of Easter 2019: Celebrate The Risen King, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 28:1-20.

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Study Notes

The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s multifaceted rule over all the universe.

The Kingdom of Heaven is both…

  • Broad and Narrow
  • Spiritual and Physical
  • Now and Future

Understanding the Text

The Resurrection of the King (28:1-10)

The Conspiracy Against the King (28:11-15)

The Commission of the King (28:16-20)

The Resurrection…

  • verifies Jesus’ identity and mission
  • is the cornerstone of our faith
  • assures us we will rise with Christ
  • assures us that God will make all things new

Applying the Text

  • Trust in the King
  • Celebrate the King
  • Tell others about the King