Question 7: Can I Know God Personally?

Jesus came into this world in order to give His life for us so that, through faith in Him, we might have forgiveness of our sin and the gift of eternal life-personal knowledge of Him and His love forever. In part 7 of Explore God, Pastor Dan Cox reads from John 1:1-13.

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Study Notes


  • already existed in the beginning
  • was with God and was God
  • created everything that has been made
  • gave life and light
  • can never be extinguished by the darkness
  • was proclaimed by John the Baptist
  • came into the world He created, but was not recognized
  • came to His own people, but was rejected
  • gave the right to become children of God to all who believe
  • gives new birth

Applying the Text

  • Do you know God?
  • Do you want to know Him?
  • Do you want to know Him better?