Improved and New

The LORD will first improve the earth during the millennial kingdom and then make new heavens and a new earth. In part 12 of Isaiah: Behold the Salvation of Immanuel, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Isaiah 65:17-25.

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Study Notes

Characteristics of Biblical Prophecy

Heaven… the Millennium… New Heavens and New Earth

Improved and New

  • The former things will not come to mind (v. 17)
  • There will be great joy and gladness (vv. 18-19a)
  • There will be no more weeping or distress (v. 19b)
  • People will live long lives (v. 20)
  • There will be abundance and satisfaction (vv. 21-23)
  • The Lord will be near (v. 24)
  • Animals will live in peace with one another (v. 25)

Biblical Characteristics of the Millennium

  • It will last for a thousand years
  • Christ will rule the earth from Jerusalem
  • Believers will have glorified bodies and will reign with Christ
  • There will be unified worship of God centered in Jerusalem
  • Satan will be bound
  • There will be universal peace, justice and prosperity
  • Israel will inhabit the full extent of the Promised Land
  • Lifespans will be greatly increased
  • There will be one language
  • The earth will be restored to a pristine condition
  • Animals will be vegetarian and live in peace with one another

Biblical Characteristics of the New Heavens and New Earth

  • The new heavens and new earth will follow the destruction of the old by fire
  • They will be free forever from both the presence and the effects of sin
  • New Jerusalem – the capital city of New Earth – will be magnificently large and beautiful
  • God will dwell in New Jerusalem with His people forever
  • There will be no more evil, sorrow, death, mourning, crying or pain
  • The tree of life and the river of life will be present in New Jerusalem
  • The redeemed of all ages will see God face to face and will worship and serve Him with joy forever

“Sanctified Speculation”

Applying the Text


Because you have hope, you can…

  • live joyfully in the present
  • know that your labor in the LORD is not in vain
  • face life’s pain and trouble with confident expectation
  • entrust your future to the Sovereign LORD
  • face death without fear