Jesus has conquered sin and death and now offers eternal life and blessing to all who will turn from sin and trust in Him. In part 3 of The Suffering and Triumph of Christ, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 1 Corinthians 15.

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Study Notes

The Resurrection of Jesus is…

  • the heart of the good news (vv. 1-11)
  • the essential foundation of our faith (vv. 12-19)
  • the firstfruits of many resurrections to come (vv. 20-28)
  • the model for our resurrection bodies (vv. 35-49)
  • our hope and encouragement for today (vv. 50-58)

Applying the Text

  • Believe the good news
  • Rejoice in your eternal life and blessing in Christ!
  • Proclaim Jesus – the Risen King!