God gives shalom-perfect peace-to all who trust in Him and keep their thoughts firmly fixed on Him. In part 7 of Isaiah: Behold the Salvation of Immanuel, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Isaiah 26:1-19.

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Study Notes

A Millennial Song of Peace

  • A Strong City (26:1-2)
  • Personal Peace (26:3-4)
  • Humbling of the Arrogant (26:5-6)
  • The Way of Righteousness (26:7-11)
  • Corporate Peace (26:12-15)
  • Discipline of the Lord (26:16-18)
  • Joy of Final Victory (26:19)

The Peace of God…

  • surpasses human understanding
  • is a gift from God
  • comes from knowing and trusting in God

Applying the Text

  • Do you need God’s peace today?
  • Will you entrust all your needs, concerns and circumstances to God’s care?