The Falls of the Great Pretenders

All those who would proudly lift themselves up will be brought low. In part 6 of Isaiah: Behold the Salvation of Immanuel, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Isaiah 14:1-23.

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Study Notes

Understanding the Text

  • Promise of Israel’s Restoration (14:1-2)
  • Poetic Taunt of Babylon’s King (14:3-21)
  • Prophecy of Babylon’s Destruction (14:22-23)

The Fall of…

  • The Original Pretender
  • The Ancient Babylonian Pretender
  • The Modern Babylonian Pretender
  • The End Times Babylonian Pretender
  • All Pretenders

The Peril of Pride

Applying the Text

  • Humble yourself before the LORD, and He will exalt you
  • Humble yourself before others, and serve them in love
  • Humbly acknowledge God’s sovereign judgment