Contend for the Faith

God has entrusted the faith to us and calls us to defend it from all falsehood. In part 1 of Jude: The Faith Once For All Delivered, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Jude 1-16.

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Study Notes


God has entrusted the gospel to followers of Jesus and calls us to defend it earnestly both in doctrine and lifestyle. As we persevere in the faith by God’s love, mercy and power, we can rejoice that He will perfect us and keep us in His love forever.

A Brief Introduction to Jude

Author: Jude, half-brother of Jesus
Date: AD 60’s
Recipients: Believers, particularly Jewish Christians
Purpose: To encourage believers to hold fast to the faith and reject false doctrine and practices

Some context first…

Understanding the Text
– Greeting (vv. 1-2)
– Warning About False Teachers (vv. 3-4)
– Judgment and Character of False Teachers (vv. 5-16)

Applying the Text
You Can Be a Contender… No Regrets… Don’t Be a Bum!