How Sovereign is Your God? From the Star-Sized to the Nano-est

Trust Jesus Christ for the salvation of your soul. If you don’t know him, introduce yourself. If you do know him—it should change your life. Greg Malczewski reads from Colossians 1:17-18, Genesis 1:1-3, Luke 12:6-7, Hebrews 4:12, and Matthew 14:17,20,25.

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Study Notes

Supremacy is Sovereignty

  • God’s exercise of power over his creation. (13D.16) by W. Grudem in Systematic Theology, p. 1254
  • In Grudem’s explanation he adds that God can do all according “to his holy will,” or that which is consistent with his character. (p. 217)
  • The NIV has almost 300 uses of some form of “sovereign”

General Versus Special Revelation

  • Special revelation is Scripture
  • It is what we can know only because God reveals it to us
    (i.e. salvation)
  • General revelation is all of creation
  • All men may observe creation and make inferences about who and what God is

Jesus is Sovereign

  • Most of what I have to say is going to be from general revelation, today.
  • However, understand that it is based on special revelation.
  • Let us start with one of the largest known objects in our universe…

Largest Known Object in the Universe

  • UY Scuti may be the largest is terms of sheer size.
  • 7.9 astronomical units is meaningless.
  • 1,700 times the radius of the sun is not helpful.
  • BUT…
  • An object travelling at light speed would take about 7 hours to travel the circumference of UY Scuti.
  • About 2 hours, 12 minutes
    to travel through it!!
  • It is BIG.
  • Jesus made this monster star.

Let us move to the microscopic. Here, we have something that anyone may observe. We may not all be scientists; hopefully, most of us have looked into a microscope.

Bacterial Flagellum

  • Michael Behe studied this bacteria for 20 years.
  • Behe wondered how an evolutionary process could create (evolve) such a complex structure.
  • All the parts are needed for the “motor” to work the whip-like tail.
  • There are more than 40 parts!
  • Behe is credited with the term “irreducible complexity.”
  • A quick explanation…

Mouse Trap

  • Behe came up with the mouse trap analogy.
  • There are 5 essential parts in his trap.
  • Take away any part of a mouse trap and it won’t work.
  • BUT, in evolution you need to add parts.
  • A mouse trap is useful.
  • Is the plate, by itself, useful? No.
  • Is the spring useful? No.
  • You see how adding parts cannot evolve a mouse trap.

Back to the Bacterial Flagellum…

  • All the parts need to be assembled for the mouse trap to be useful.
  • Back to the bacteria – Behe wondered just how a complex motor might be created by an evolutionary process.
  • Me, too!
  • My understanding is that Behe became a Christian.
  • Evolution just could NOT explain how a flagellar motor evolved in bacteria.
  • Jesus is sovereign; he created a flagellar motor so the bacteria could move.

Let us move to the molecular. We will NOT be able to observe this, but we KNOW what is going on from science (observation).


Watch: Drew Berry: Animations of Unseeable Biology (TED Talk)

  • DNA contains the biological code needed to replicate and sustain life.
  • Each strand of DNA is about 2 nm wide and 30-40 million nm long.
  • If 2 nm were 2 inches then this strand would be 470 to 630 miles long!
  • Here is an animation of DNA replication.

Smaller Does Not Mean Less Complex

  • We all understand the 4 dimensions: length, width, height, and time.
  • Theoretical math tells us there must be 11 dimensions, including time.
  • We cannot see it; we don’t know how it works.

New Size, New Concept

Watch: Brian Greene: Making Sense of String Theory (TED Talk)

  • There is a lot I could say, but will only state the size of a “string.”
  • Think of a single atom.
  • Now expand that atom out to the size of our solar system (Pluto’s orbit).
  • Got that picture in your mind?
  • Now imagine a planet Earth on the super-sized atom.
  • Put a single tree on your “planet.”
  • Shrink the super-sized atom back to its normal size.
  • A string is the size of that tree!

What is the point?

  • This is where I give you a test.
  • We started with the largest objects in the universe.
  • We ended with the supremely smallest objects in the universe.
  • We said that “Jesus is sovereign.”

What would you do with these scriptures?

  1. Luke 12:6-7
  2. Hebrews 4:12
  3. Matthew 14:17, 20
  4. Matthew 14:25

Hyperbole? Exaggeration? Wish?

  • Can Jesus do what the Scripture says?
  • Prayer
  • Pain
  • Worship
  • Purpose in life

Jesus is Sovereign

I now believe that Jesus is able to do all that the Scripture declares. I use to say it, but deep down had a feeling it was exaggeration or metaphor. Not anymore. You?

Trust Jesus Christ for the salvation of your soul. If you don’t know him, introduce yourself. If you do know him—it should change your life.