Critical Questions: History “Is the Resurrection True?”

Because the resurrection is true, we have life in His name and are called to make disciples of all the nations. In part 8 of Biblical Worldview Matters, Pastor Dan Cox reads from John 2, Matthew 28, and 1 Corinthians 15.

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Study Notes

What is a “Worldview”?

A worldview is the framework of our most basic beliefs that shapes our understanding of the world and is the basis for our values, priorities, attitudes and actions.

The Biblical worldview conforms to Biblical teaching, which in turn, conforms to REALITY.
Four Critical Concerns…
Four Critical Questions…

Is the Resurrection True?

The Scholars Agree…
The Skeptics Propose…
The Resurrection Best Explains All the Evidence…

What Does the Bible Say About the Resurrection?

  • It was predicted by Christ
  • It is an historical fact
  • It is the foundation of our faith
  • It is the guarantee of our own resurrection

Applying the Text

Inner Confidence: Assurance of our Salvation
Outer Confidence: Bold Witness