Tabgha- Three Love Lessons

The love of Jesus is greater than our failure. In part 3 of Lessons From The Land, Pastor Dan Cox reads from John 21.

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Study Notes

Lessons from the Land

We need to pray every morning to do God’s work each day.
God doesn’t want what you DO for Him… He wants YOU.
Nothing will stop the Sovereign LORD from fulfilling His purposes in us and through us.

Tabgha in New Testament History

Breakfast on the Beach…


  • pursues reconciliation
  • involves responsibility
  • involves sacrifice

Jesus will pursue you harder than you pursue Him

Applying the Text

  • Have you fully accepted Jesus’ forgiveness for your failure?
  • Does the love of Jesus motivate your service for Jesus?
  • Do you believe the grace of Jesus will sustain you no matter the cost of following Jesus?