MICAH: What Does God Require of You?

God is not interested in religious ritual… He desires love as demonstrated in justice, mercy and faithfulness. In part 6 of Majoring on the Minors: Key Themes in the Minor Prophets, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Micah 6:6-8.

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Study Notes

At the time the prophecy was given, Israel was enjoying considerable economic prosperity, which led to a selfish materialism, a complacent approach to religion as a means of achieving human desires, and disintegration of personal and social values.

A Brief Introduction to Micah

Overview of Micah

Message One: Judgment Will Come (Micah 1 – 2)
Message Two: Blessing Will Follow Judgment (Micah 3 – 5)
Message Three: Blessing Will Surpass Judgment (Micah 6 – 7)

What Does God Require of You?

Religious Practice?
Do Justice
Love Kindness
Walk Humbly with Your God
Right Doctrine… Right Works… A Right Heart

Applying the Text

  • Do you seek justice?
  • Do you love mercy and kindness?
  • Do you walk humbly and faithfully with your God?