OBADIAH: Pride Goes Before a Fall

God is a just Judge who will humble the proud and judge their sin. In part 1 of Majoring on the Minors: Key Themes in the Minor Prophets, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Obadiah 1-4.

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Study Notes


Majoring on the Minors: Key Themes in the Minor Prophets

Often overlooked, the twelve books which comprise the Minor Prophets contain major truths for people today. Though written to a particular individual or nation in the past, the unchanging principles from these books challenge us today to turn from sin, walk humbly with our God and eagerly await the Day when God will set all things right.

A Brief Introduction to Bible Prophecy

A Brief Introduction to the Minor Prophets

A Brief Introduction to Obadiah

Understanding the Text

Applying the Text

Where does pride manifest itself in your life?