Christmas According to Luke

God came into the world in an unlikely way and used unlikely people to deliver an unlikely message of good news of great joy. In part 1 of Christmas 2014: Four Perspectives, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Luke 1:26 – 2:40.

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Study Notes

An Unlikely Entrance…

  • preceded by an unusual messenger
  • announced by angels
  • joined with humanity through a virgin birth
  • a sovereignly determined birthplace
  • a humble crib
  • a normal childhood

Unlikely People…

  • a “nobody” couple
  • a “nowhere” town
  • “nobody” messengers

An Unlikely Message…

  • a never-ending kingdom
  • proud people humbled and humble people exalted
  • hungry people filled with good things
  • full people sent away empty
  • good news of great joy
  • a “mixed” blessing

Applying the Text

  • Are you a “nobody” from “nowhere”?
  • Have you believed the good news of great joy?
  • Will you stand for Christ as many oppose Him?