God’s Design for Marriage

God has designed holy marriage as a one flesh union between one man and one woman, faithful for life. In part 3 of Sexuality, Culture and the Bible, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Genesis 2:18-25.

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Study Notes

Series Overview

Part 1: “Culture Conflict”
Part 2: “God’s Design for Sexuality”
Part 3: “God’s Design for Marriage”
Part 4: “Tough Questions: The Culture and You”

Understanding the Text

A Problem in Paradise (Genesis 2:18-20)
A Suitable Companion (Genesis 2:21-23)
A Divine Institution (Genesis 2:24-25)

God’s Design for Marriage

“The Bible’s Teaching on Marriage and Family”

– by Dr. Andreas J. Kostenberger

Summary Thoughts on Biblical Marriage

– Marriage is not a human contract or convention… it is a divine, sacred covenant to be honored in the manner in which God designed it.
– Marriage is intended to be permanent
– Marriage is sacred
– Marriage is the most intimate of all human relationships
– Marriage is mutual
– Marriage is exclusive
– Marriage has been profoundly damaged by human sin in numerous ways
– Marriage can be restored in Christ

Applying the Text

  • If single, are you honoring Christ in your singleness?
  • If married, are you honoring Christ in your marriage covenant?
  • Will you stand for Biblical marriage?