God’s Design for Sexuality

God calls us to holy sexuality within the gracious confines of biblical marriage. In part 2 of Sexuality, Culture and the Bible, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

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Study Notes

Series Overview

Part 1: “Culture Conflict”
Part 2: “God’s Design for Sexuality”
Part 3: “God’s Design for Marriage”
Part 4: “Tough Questions: The Culture and You”

Understanding the Text

Slogan Theology of the Body (1 Corinthians 6:12-13)

  • “The Christian is ‘free’ to do anything he or she pleases”
– NO: Unbridled “freedom” can hurt and enslave the Christian
  • “Sexual practice has no bearing on the spiritual life”
– NO: The body is meant for the Lord, not sexual immorality

Biblical Theology of the Body (1 Corinthians 6:13b-20)

  • The body is meant for the Lord, not sexual immorality
  • The body will be gloriously raised by resurrection power
  • The body is joined with Christ
  • The body enters a “one flesh union” with another through sex
  • The body is sinned against by sexual immorality
  • The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit
  • The body has been bought with a price
  • The body is to be used to glorify God

God’s Design for Sexuality

“The Bible on Sex: The Way to Happiness and Holiness”

– by Dr. Albert Mohler

Summary Thoughts on Biblical Sexuality

– The Bible places sex within the total context of human nature, happiness and holiness
– Sexual anarchy reigns when sex is set loose to be an end in itself apart from the Creator’s design
– God created human beings as male and female, both in His own image
– Gender distinctions are a part of the goodness of God’s creation
– There is a complementary pattern of relation between man and woman
– The Bible affirms the goodness of sexuality as God’s gift
– The gift of sexual activity is located only within the context of the marital covenant
– The Bible addresses human sexuality honestly
– The Bible links holiness to happiness
– All forms of sexuality outside of biblical marriage are presented as sinful
– The people of God are to remain untainted by sexual deviance
– Sexuality expressed outside of the context of marital fidelity can become one of the most destructive forces in human existence
– True sexual happiness is linked to sexual holiness as believers live their lives before God
– Believers must choose biblical authority over the culture’s sexual anarchy

Applying the Text

  • Have you repented of unholy sexuality?
  • Do you continuously embrace the gospel?
  • Will you be an example of holy sexuality?