Rhetorical Rumble: Round 3

Even when God is silent, faith perseveres in integrity. In part 5 of Job: Suffering and Sovereignty, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Job 22:1 – 31:40.

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Study Notes

General Outline

I. Prologue (Job 1:1 – 2:13)
II. Dialogue (Job 3:1 – 42:6)
III. Epilogue (Job 42:7-17)

Round 1:

“Personal suffering is not always the result of specific acts of personal sin.”

Round 2:

“Even in great misery, faith perseveres, trusting that God will ultimately redeem the faithful one.”

Round 3:

“Even when God is silent, faith perseveres in integrity.”

Understanding the Text

II. Dialogue (Job 3:1 – 42:6)

A. Job’s death wish (Job 3:1-26)
B. First round of speeches (Job 4:1 – 14:22)
C. Second round of speeches (Job 15:1 – 21:34)
D. Third round of speeches (Job 22:1 – 31:40)
1. Eliphaz (Job 22:1-30)
“Is God judging you on account of your righteousness? No! It is because of your sin that He judges you… Surely you have sinned against God in some way… God sees and knows all things- you cannot hide from Him… Stop fighting with God… Repent, and He will restore you.”
2. Job replies to Eliphaz (Job 23:1 – 24:25)
“If I knew where to find God, I would go to Him and present my case… He would give me a fair hearing and acquit me of any wrongdoing… No matter where I look though, I cannot find Him… I have stayed true to His commands and have treasured His word in my heart…Nevertheless, God does what He determines to do.”
3. Bildad (Job 25:1-6)
“How can any mortal stand before God and claim to be righteous? No one is pure. People are like worms compared to the glory and righteousness of God!”
4. Job replies to Bildad (Job 26:1 – 31:40)
“True wisdom and power belong to God alone… You cannot possibly know everything about God and His ways… I have lived an upright and honest life and continue to do so now… All your accusations against me are wrong… If God would only speak up and come to my defense!”

Applying the Text

  • Are you walking with integrity, regardless of circumstances?