Rhetorical Rumble: Round 2

Even in great misery, faith perseveres, trusting that God will ultimately redeem the faithful one. In part 4 of Job: Suffering and Sovereignty, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Job 15:1 – 21:34.

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Study Notes

General Outline

I. Prologue (Job 1:1 – 2:13)

II. Dialogue (Job 3:1 – 42:6)

III. Epilogue (Job 42:7-17)

Understanding the Text

II. Dialogue (Job 3:1 – 42:6)

A. Job’s death wish (Job 3:1-26)
B. First round of speeches (Job 4:1 – 14:22)
C. Second round of speeches (Job 15:1 – 21:34)

1. Eliphaz (Job 15:1-35)

“You have no fear of God!… You are a liar who is covering up your sins!… You think you are so wise, but you are not… God will bring the wicked to utter ruin!”
2. Job replies to Eliphaz (Job 16:1 – 17:16)

“You are miserable comforters! I would speak in a way that helps you… God, you have ground me down and devastated my family… Please defend my innocence… May death come soon and give me relief from my grief and pain!”
3. Bildad (Job 18:1-21)

“Stop talking nonsense… God will destroy the wicked!”
4. Job replies to Bildad (Job 19:1-29)

“How long will you torture me? You should be ashamed of how you have been treating me so harshly… Everyone has turned away from me… Nevertheless, I know that my Redeemer lives, and I will see God!… You are all in danger for your attitude.”
5. Zophar (Job 20:1-29)

“Your troubles only prove your evil hypocrisy!”
6. Job replies to Zophar (Job 21:1-34)

“Sometimes the wicked do prosper… all your explanations are wrong!”

Applying the Text

  • Do you know your Redeemer lives?