Rhetorical Rumble: Round 1

Personal suffering is not always the result of specific acts of personal sin. In part 3 of Job: Suffering and Sovereignty, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Job 4:1 – 14:22.

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Study Notes

General Outline

I. Prologue (Job 1:1 – 2:13)
II. Dialogue (Job 3:1 – 42:6)
III. Epilogue (Job 42:7-17)

Understanding the Text

II. Dialogue (Job 3:1 – 42:6)

A. Job’s death wish (Job 3:1-26)
B. The first round of speeches Job 4:1 – 14:22)

1. Eliphaz’s first speech (Job 4:1 – 5:27)
“God destroys the sinner, but blesses the upright. Accept His correction that He might restore your blessing!”
2. Job’s first reply to Eliphaz (Job 6:1 – 7:21)
“Some friend you are… you’re no help at all! I haven’t done anything wrong to deserve this!”
“Lord, what have I done wrong? Why won’t you just leave me alone?”
3. Bildad’s first speech (Job 8:1-22)
“God does not punish just men. If you will live with integrity before Him, He will restore your blessing!”
4. Job’s first reply to Bildad (Job 9:1 – 10:22)
“I wish I could take God to court where an arbiter would make Him stop doing this to me… I hate my life! Lord, You know I’m not guilty, but no one can rescue Me from Your awesome power!”
5. Zophar’s first speech (Job 11:1-20)
Be quiet, you babbling mocker! You deserve worse punishment than you’re getting. Repent and God will bless you again!
6. Job’s first reply to Zophar (Job 12:1 – 14:22)
I understand what you’re saying- it is often true. But, that is not the case here. You are all worthless helpers! I wish God would speak- I am innocent!

Applying the Text

  • Are you trusting God and seeking His wisdom in suffering?