The Story of Joseph

In the story of Joseph, we see a powerful example of faith, courage and commitment. In part 3 of Christmas 2012, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 1:18-25.

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Study Notes

The Story of Joseph

Anticipation and Heartbreak (Matthew 1:18-19)
Divine Message (Matthew 1:20-25)
Birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-21)
Temple Requirements (Luke 2:22-38)
Magi (Matthew 2:1-12)
Escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)
Return to Nazareth (Matthew 2:19-23)
Jerusalem Passover (Luke 2:41-52)

The Heart of Joseph


Applying the Text

  • Have you placed your faith in the Savior?
  • Do you trust God even when things seem impossible?
  • Are you rejoicing in your Savior?