A Surprising Turn of Events

God is in control… of minor events… and major events. In part 2 of Esther: God Is In Control, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Esther 2-7.

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Study Notes

Previously in Esther…

Understanding the Text

  1. Esther Elevated to Queen of Persia (Esther 1:1 – 2:23)
    1. The Great Banquets of Xerxes (Esther 1:1-9)
    2. Vashti’s Dethronement (Esther 1:10-22)
    3. Esther is Made Queen (Esther 2:1-18)
    4. Mordecai Discovers a Plot (Esther 2:19-23)
  2. Haman Plots to Destroy the Jews (Esther 3:1 – 7:10)
    1. Haman’s Rage at Mordecai and the Jews (Esther 3:1-15)
    2. Mordecai Enlists the Help of Esther (Esther 4:1-17)
    3. Esther Approaches the King (Esther 5:1-14)
    4. Mordecai is Honored by the King (Esther 6:1-14)
    5. Haman is Hanged (Esther 7:1-10)

Principles from the Text

  • God is control of both minor events and big events
  • God places people in a position to help others
  • If we are disobedient, God will work through someone else
  • We must be willing to pay a heavy price if necessary for our convictions

Applying the Text

  • Are you resting in God’s sovereign power and wisdom?
  • Are you faithfully serving others in the place where God has placed you?
  • Are you willing to serve God’s purposes no matter the cost?