The First Coming of Messiah

Jesus is the Messiah Deliverer who gives all who believe in Him eternal life and hope. In part 3 of Christmas: From Beginning to End, Pastor Dan Cox reads from John 1:1-18.

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Study Notes

The Problem

Total Depravity (Radical Corruption)… Death and Hell

The Promise

God will send a Messiah Deliverer in whom all the peoples of the earth will be blessed.

Messiah (Christ): “The Anointed One”

A Deliverer/Savior who rescues from imminent danger, oppression or destruction

Jesus Christ…

  • is the Word of God
  • is God
  • is the Creator of all things
  • is life and light
  • is the fulfillment of prophecy
  • was unrecognized
  • was not received by His own
  • gives the right to all who believe to become children of God
  • is the God Man
  • is the giver of grace
  • is the revealer of God

Applying the Text

  • Have you recognized who Jesus truly is?
  • Have you received Him?
  • Do you worship and obey Him?