David: The Death of God’s Beloved, Faithful, Flawed Servant

The Book of the Kings teaches believers that our Sovereign Lord blesses obedience, punishes wickedness and honors character over achievement. In part 1 of 1 Kings: The Cost of Rejecting God, Pastor Dan Cox reads from 1 Kings 1 – 1 Kings 2.

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Study Notes

The Book of the Kings

Background: Who? When? Where? Why?

The Book of the Kings: Major Themes

  • The Sovereign Lord fulfills prophecy and directs events according to His purposes
  • The Sovereign Lord blesses obedience
  • The Sovereign Lord punished wickedness
  • The Sovereign Lord honors character over achievement

Understanding the Text

  1. Adonijah attempts a hostile takeover of the throne (1 Kings 1:1-10)
  2. Nathan & Bathsheba speak with David (1 Kings 1:11-27)
  3. David declares Solomon king (1 Kings 1:28-40)
  4. Solomon spares the life of Adonijah (1 Kings 1:41-53)
  5. David’s charge to Solomon (1 Kings 2:1-9)
  6. David’s death (1 Kings 2:10-12)
  7. Solomon’s throne is firmly established (1 Kings 2:13-48)

Applying the Text

  • Are you embracing… or rejecting… the rule of the Sovereign Lord?