God Will Provide

The faithful child of God can rest secure in God’s wise, loving providential care. In part 2 of Facing Fear and Worry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Matthew 6:25-34.

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Study Notes

DO NOT WORRY… Why not?

  1. Life is more than your daily needs (v. 25)
  2. God providentially cares for His creation (vv. 26-29)
  3. Worry accomplishes nothing good (v. 27)
  4. You are of eternal value to God (v. 30)
  5. God honors faith (v. 30)
  6. Worry is unbecoming to a child of God (vv. 31-32)
  7. God knows your needs, and will provide as you live for Him (vv. 32-33)
  8. The unrepentant worrier will never run out of opportunities to worry (v. 34)

Applying the Text

  • Do you see yourself as a child of God, of infinite value to Him?
  • Do you have faith in God’s wise love and care for you?
  • Are you living for God, or the fading things of this life?