God Is with You

Those who fear God will be delivered from fear of people and circumstances. In part 1 of Facing Fear and Worry, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Psalm 34.

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Study Notes

Understanding the Text

  1. Praise to the Lord (vv. 1-7)
    1. The Constancy of Praise (v. 1)
    2. The Company of Praise (vv. 2-3)
    3. The Comfort of Praise (vv. 4-7)
  2. The Fear of the Lord (vv. 8-14)
    1. An Invitation (vv. 8-11)
    2. An Exhortation (vv. 12-14)
  3. The Deliverance of the Lord (vv. 15-22)
    1. The Comfort of Prayer (vv. 15-17)
    2. The Comfort of His Presence (v. 18)
    3. The Comfort of His Protection (vv. 19-22)

Principles from the Text

  • God comforts those who praise Him always
  • God answers those who cry out to Him
  • God blesses those who fear Him
  • God comforts those who are brokenhearted
  • God condemns those who oppose Him

Applying the Text

  • Do you praise Him always?
  • Do you pray always?
  • Do you fear Him more than people and circumstances?