Worship Team Principles, Criteria and Guidelines

Principles of Worship

  • Humankind is created in God’s image and for His glory, therefore we have resident within us Holy Spirit-influenced talents, abilities, and gifts that must be nurtured and released. Worship is a means through which these heavenly endowed attributes are expressed.
  • Humankind finds worth, purpose and direction from an intimate knowledge of and relationship through Jesus Christ, with the only true God. One of the main God-ordained avenues through which this is to be accomplished is worship.
  • Worship is one of the main vehicles through which God brings His healing love, infinite grace, and restorative power.

Criteria for Worship Team Members

As a member of the Worship Team, I am accountable/responsible for:

  • Committed member of this church – Music ministry is not the right of the talented but the privilege extended to the committed and faithful. We are open to receiving special music from those who are not committed to this body of believers but the regular, ongoing and leadership nature of this ministry requires a strong commitment to the people and leadership of this church.
  • Spiritual maturity – This is a leadership-type ministry and therefore strives for spiritual maturity.
  • Being spiritually ready and musically prepared to lead in worship. This includes, but is not limited to: Spending time in prayer during the week concerning issues and needs of the church and conducting all aspects of your life according to God’s Word.
  • Spending personal time with God in worship and prayer away from the platform ministry. We are first and foremost worshippers, and we cannot lead others where we have not gone ourselves. Every musician, singer, and technician must have a love for praise and worshipping the Father.
  • Being committed to the growth and development of heartfelt, Spirit-filled worship as a family of believers.
  • Supporting the life of Wonder Lake Bible Church through regular attendance and giving of time, talents, and treasures
  • Actively working and improving your craft (Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Sound, etc.)
  • Committing my time to weekly rehearsals and individual practice time to prepare for group rehearsals, as well as weekly worship services. Recognize that this worship ministry requires a fairly large time commitment.
  • Having the support of my family. It is important that our immediate family members are willing to accept the necessary time commitments and be supportive of our roles and commitments.


To facility unity, the members of the Worship Team will operate by the following guidelines –

  • A Commitment to service Jesus Christ and walk in the Holy Spirit.
  • Probationary Period – All new members of the worship team will be subject to a probationary period. Ordinarily there will be a two month probationary period during which the individual will attend practice sessions but will not play/sing with the team during services or other special functions. The purpose of this directive is to allow the rest of the team to gel musically in a safe and comfortable environment and/or learn their task (ie: computer, sound board, etc.) After such time it will be at the discretion of the Music Steering Committee as to when the individual will begin singing or playing in the services.
  • Commitment to Learning – actively pursue the development of what works in leading and facilitating worship in a corporate setting, both as a group and individually, and to foster a teachable heart and a willingness to learn and grow spiritually and musically.
  • Commitment to Serve – Recognize that our role is to serve the congregation and to enhance the worship service. The worship is not about us or our music but about bringing honor and praise to God and serving as ‘Lead Worshippers’ as opposed to ‘Worship Leader’.
  • Commitment to Spiritual Growth – This is as important on an individual basis as it is as a team. We need to be committed to maturing in our faith and recognize that stagnant spiritual lives mean a stagnant worship team. We need to encourage and challenge each other.
  • Commitment to being spiritually prepared to minister – our spiritual preparation has a direct effect on our effectiveness as a worship and music ministry team. We need to come ready not only to sing and play music but to worship the King and minister to His people. The essential element in this ministry (or any other for that matter) is our relationship with the Lord. Without a close relationship to the Lord, the worship team will NOT be effective regardless of musical proficiency.
  • Commitment to being a witness outside of church walls – Should at any time during your involvement in the music ministry and / or worship team you feel that your personal life is not reflecting what we are about or what Christ would have, that you voluntarily step down so that His name and work would not be publicly mocked.
  • Be a Representative – recognize that each member of the team represents Jesus first and the team and the leadership of WLBC second. Recognize that the congregation will respond and take seriously any input we give, positive or negative.
  • Submitting to and Supporting Leadership – As representatives of WLBC we need to support the leadership in both prayer and action.
  • Commitment to musical expertise – we need to work at our instrumental and /or vocal ability to become the very best we can be. This means a great deal of individual practice (maybe even lessons) as well as playing with the team. Keep in mind that the team will only be as musically proficient as the individuals that make it up.
  • Rehearsal Sessions – All team members are required to attend the weekly/monthly rehearsal sessions. If you are unable to attend rehearsal for an emergency, illness, family event, or other extreme situation, please alert a Music Steering Committee member ASAP. (In the event of an emergency, please do so as soon afterward as possible.) Failure to attend rehearsal may require you to miss the immediately following Sunday’s worship, but will be determined at the Music Steering Committee’s discretion. Because we occasionally introduce new music it is important that you are at the rehearsals.
  • Punctuality – Being on time to weekly rehearsals and pre-service practices. Team members who continually disregard starting times for rehearsal and meetings will be put on probation. If it is not possible to make a rehearsal on time, it is considered polite to notify a Music Steering Committee member in advance. Those who need to set up are expected to do so before the practices so the practice can start on time. As a consideration for everyone’s time and to keep rehearsals flowing, please refrain from using cell phones, pagers, or other distractions and turn them off or on silent during the rehearsals.
  • Open Communication – Communicate honestly and openly with one another following the principles of Matthew 18. If you have an issue with someone in the team, please go to that person and settle it one on one. If necessary, if a one on one time was not successful, please involve the Music Steering Committee. If a resolution can not be reached, further action may be necessary.
  • Commitment to “flowing” with the team – More than individual expertise, our musical goal needs to be the ability to “flow” with the team. We need to look at our team as not just a collection of separate musicians but as a single unit with a single purpose. Our heart attitude should not be to shine forth our own technical skill but to use that skill to enhance the team as a whole.
  • Dress Standard – It is expected that members of the worship team will present themselves at worship in a manner both glorifying to God and acceptable to the human eye. Please avoid things like hooded sweatshirts, shirts with large logos, or any provocative or revealing clothing.
  • Strive to Be Flexible – Each of us needs to be very flexible. Things can and will change on a moments notice and it is our job to be prepared and ready for anything that could happen and lead in a positive manner through those changes.
  • Be Creative – Each member of the team is encouraged to be very creative. Don’t ever be afraid to suggest, comment, or ask questions about anything we do. However, please be courteous of other team members. Don’t tell others how to do their job while they are doing it. If you have suggestions, wait for our weekly rehearsal or at least after the worship service to discuss it with the Music Steering Committee.
  • Contribute to the Team – Team members are expected to contribute to team worship and prayer times.
  • Other functions – The team will be expected to lead worship for seminars and other special retreats and meetings if needed.

Effective June 1, 2008. Revised July 25, 2011.